3 Upcoming Thread Bboys to Watch Out For in 2023

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020, the world came to a standstill. As a recent university graduate with no significant writing experience, I made a conscious decision to delay my job search and instead focused on improving my Bboy skills.

Throughout the entirety of 2020, I had the privilege of joining in Bboy Onton's online classes on the membership platform Patreon. Under Onton's expert guidance, I immersed myself in the renowned 'Toronto Style', learning from someone who had honed their skills at the style's birthplace.

This style has been showcased by Toronto-based crews such as Boogie Brats, Bag of Trix, Intrikit, Onton's crew Supernaturalz and many more, who have been known for their blend of flow, complexity, and originality in the Breaking scene since the 90s.

What particularly intrigued me about the 'Toronto Style' was its unique approach to threads. For instance, the Supernaturalz crew has a set of threading rules that make their style appear so intricate that it would be nearly impossible to bite. One rule that stood out to me was to avoid going in and out of the same threading hole, as it diminishes the style's complexity.

This rule and many others is what adds the 'magic' element to the style and makes it so distinct.

While I wouldn't call myself an expert on threads, I have been studying and practicing the thread style as an enthusiast for the past three years. During this time, I have come across several up-and-coming Bboys who have the potential on leaving their mark in the thread style.

Here are my top 3 upcoming thread Bboys that y'all should watch out for. 

1. Bboy Alik 

Hailing from the vast and diverse country of Russia, Alik representing Original People is a breaker that completely blew my mind when I first stumbled upon him. Not only he is an all-rounded Bboy with tops, footwork, legwork, and power — but the way he fabricates his thread combinations is absolutely jaw-dropping. 

Alik seems like he never goes in and out of the same threading hole while flowing through miniature threads out of nowhere. Watching him create threads is like watching a master craftsman at work - every movement is deliberate, calculated, and executed with flawless precision.

Alik's dedication to perfecting his thread style is a testament to his skill and commitment as a dancer, and it motivates me to push myself harder and strive for excellence in developing my own unique take on the thread style.

2. Bboy Sheku 

Rising from the land of Shakespeare, tea, and the Beatles, Sheku represents Primal Instincts and is a formidable thread craftsman. With his incredible hybrid of power, freezes, complex footwork patterns, flow and and overall unique style, he has elevated the thread game beyond just being "flexible". With the battle attitude of a tiger, Sheku goes full throttle, utilizing a powerful yet complex approach to his thread combinations. 

What captivated me the most about Sheku's style was how he was able to portray a thread style utilizing dynamic movements into his rounds. An original jumping thread combo to various level changes to a shoulder halo to an original airchair freeze?! Sheku's style is truly one-of-a-kind. 

As Bboy Crumbs's Sick Step Academy's motto goes - Artistic, Athletic, Authentic - Sheku embodies all three qualities in his dance, making him a true standout in preserving a thread style for future generations to look up to. 

3. Bboy Kobe 

My first encounter with Kobe was through a Dyzee Threadz shoe review video where he tested the shoes for Breakin. Though my initial intention was to gain insights on the shoe's functionality, I was flabbergasted to witness Kobe's original and unique threading style.

After joining the Breakin Sneaker Club (BSC) and getting to know more about Kobe on a personal level, I witnessed him hone his unique style and put in a great deal of hard work to level up and pursue his dreams. He and his wife, along with their two daughters, made the bold move from Guam to Las Vegas to chase those dreams.

Since his move, Kobe has become a member of the legendary Full Force crew and has been making waves ever since. Upon closer inspection of his moves, one can see that Kobe has a plethora of original thread go downs, enders, and seamlessly blends them with his all-around style.

A heavy hitter that's not one to mess with.


In 2022, I wrote an interview article where I spoke with members of the BSC about their experiences battling while wearing Dyzee Threadz - including Kobe. The up-and-coming thread specialist, Kobe, and other members of the BSC have unique thread combos that now can perform with greater precision and fluidity, thanks to rocking with Dyzee Threadz.

Ever since I purchased my first pair of Dyzee Threadz back in 2021, there's been no turning back. I had never before found a shoe that met all my functional needs for performing well in battles, cyphers, and even on the streets.

The one-of-a-kind Pro Sole from Dyzee Threadz is crafted from thermoplastic rubber material, which creates a soft, flexible, and lightweight sole that can be adjusted for a wide range of dance floors. This feature is especially helpful for thread enthusiasts like myself, as it allows me to explore more thread variations without worrying about breaking the thread due to the flexibility aspect. Additionally, the lightweight feature enables me experiment with more dynamic threads with ease i.e. jumping threads. 

The consistent grip on different types of floors means I can focus on my dance performance without worrying about messing up or straight up crashing.

I find these Pro Soles excellent for my style and I can now go full throttle without compromising my hard work just because of a subpar sneaker.

No more Puma Suedes for me.

Usain Bolt No GIF by PUMA

So here are my top 3 upcoming thread Bboys in 2023 that y'all should watch out for!

Did I miss any breakers that you think should be on this list?

Let me know in the comments below. 


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