Breakin' Sneaker Club: Battle Experience with Dyzee Threadz

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about my battle experience wearing Dyzee Threadz when I was a battle guest for a charity jam, "Break Mission Hong Kong." After this jam, I realized the importance of utilizing gear tailored to Breakin'. I was able to perform at my max potential, with less chances of slipping up. 

I thought it would be a cool idea to find out what the members of the Breakin' Sneaker Club had to say about their battle experience — while rockin' with Dyzee Threadz shoes. 

KobeMy name is Bboy Kobe, I've been dancing for 11 years. I represent Unified Originz & BLKLST, check me out on IG: @KOBEHALL

I purchased my first pair of Dyzee Footworkx on 8/31/21. I've always wanted a pair but I was unsure if they were reliable or not. During the time I really liked the new designs with the toe caps so took a huge risk and purchased my first pair! 

Battle experience with the shoes are great. I don't have to worry about performance because it's a solid shoe in general. In fact when I wear them I feel so powerful and in control. Rocking these shoes definitely helped me improve my Breakin' by providing a lot of features most shoes don't provide.

I can't really define the best feature of the shoe. Everything they offer helps my Breakin' in many ways. Perfect amount of grip, very comfortable, lightweight, soft material that helps me slide, durability and so much more. If you haven't purchased one (to the readers) you need to try this SHI out.

I actually am 6 pairs in (OH NO) hahaha. I'm in love with this shoe & I respect what Dyzee is trying to do enough to continue supporting. I plan on purchasing as much as I can! You can never go wrong with some fresh Dyzee Footworkx.

MozaycMy Breakin' name is Mozayc, I've been breaking for 15 years. I just represent the Philippines. I just wanna try it out cause I got hooked up by the advocacy that Dyzee is aiming for the brand and the community, just to support our Breakin' brand. Then I fully decided to try it because of the reviews.

What I like most about the shoes are how bouncy and light they are. Slides to sticky floor and sticks on a slippery floor. Really good for both rough concrete and studio floor. The shoe itself is the best. Basically, Dyzee Threadz is easy to maintain, durable and has a really fresh design in which the design has a purpose for Breakin'.

I'm planning to buy the white ones or any semi-formal ones like the 2Step WE'z or the new ones that will be coming out this summer. So I can wear them as well at work or going to formal occasions. Cause I'm buying Dyzee Thread basically for Breakin' only, so I wanna buy one for everyday use.

AleMy name is Bgirl Ale from Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. I've been breakin for 10 years. My first purchase of the Dyzee Threadz was last year. I am very picky about my Breakin' shoes and because these are designed specifically for Breakin' there was no way I wouldn't try them. 

My battle experience with these shoes was excellent especially because I had already trained in them I knew what to expect how they would deliver. What I really love is the light weight of the shoes. Sometimes in battle my nerves get to me and my legs seem to feel heavy but knowing that my shoes are light gives me back my confidence and I remind myself that its mind over matter. Therefore it feels good to have the tools you need to rely on in battle.

Every detail counts from the way your pants fit, how your hair is held back, if your shirt will get in your face or not. These small details can have a big impact on your performance and that's why having a shoe (one of the most important elements for a Bboy/Bgirl) that you can rely on is so important.

There are many great features about the shoes and because we are all different and have different needs, I am happy to say that any one and any style will find their perks in Dyzee Threadz.

One of the first things I noticed when I put the shoe on is how it holds your foot in place like a foot glove. When it's time for power in regular shoes I find that when I take my first step into the move my foot usually slides a little inside my shoes, sometimes throwing off my set up (again every detail counts) so I usually have to tie my shoes real tight and suffocate my foot so that I have the most precise set up.

With Dyzee Threadz my foot is hugged like a glove which gives me the confidence that I can step when and how I want to, allowing me to fully express what I want.

I definitely plan on buying more shoes! This time I plan on buying more than one set, one I can train in, a second to keep clean for battles and a third for work! My job requires me to stand for 10 hours straight and if I plan to preserve my body for a longer career, investing in the proper tools (in this case foot care) is priceless.

We're not only been supporting the first-ever shoe tailored to Breakin', we are supporting brands that are created by the Breakin' community — for the Breakin' community. 

It's time for us to play our part to purchase Breakin' brands in order for our scene to grow. Once we all realize this fact, maybe we can see the change needed to create a more sustainable Breakin' community. 


Want to invest into shoes that will change your Breakin' career forever? Why not try dancing with the first-ever shoe specifically designed for Breakin'? 

Use my code "DIRTE" to receive 10% off your first order! We got to help each other if we want to make it in this last-man standing game. 

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