The First Ever Sneaker Club for Breakin

With the rise of Dyzee Threadz — the first shoe tailored to breakin (aka Break Shoe), the Breakin Sneaker Club was formed! In 2022, the club now consists of over 40 members. 

So you may be asking, what is the Breakin Sneaker Club?

This article will help answer all your questions on why this club will be the next big sensation!

What is the Breakin Sneaker Club? 

The Breakin Sneaker Club is an online community where owners of a pair of Dyzee Threadz Break shoes can meet together and receive exclusive club benefits.  

Who is in the Breakin Sneaker Club? 

Breakers are from all around the world, literally. USA, Canada, Philippines, Hong Kong, Guam and many more! This is a great opportunity to network and make new friends, especially during the pandemic when travelling seems impossible. 

What can you do in the Breakin Sneaker Club? 

Have you ever watched a RedBull BC One livestream by yourself and wished you could watch with people instead? 

Look no further! The Breakin Sneaker Club offers livestream parties so we can vibe out and watch amazing moments together in the comfort of your own home. 

Other club benefits include: 

  • Additional prize money for winning events
  • Private online battles for cash and gift prizes
  • BreakFit Training (mixture of workouts + breakin) 
  • Exclusive tutorials, advanced knowledge and online workshops
  • Community support forum for breakin career and breakin life
  • A chance to be on the Breakin Sneaker Club All-star team
  • And many more...

How can you earn extra cash from the Breakin Sneaker Club? 

One of the main benefits that separates the Breakin Sneaker Club from other sport clubs is the chance to win additional cash prizes when taking the W! 

Imagine this. You just took the win for your local jam while rockin a pair of Puma Suedes. A Puma spokesperson sends you a message the next day, 

“Hey thanks for wearing our Puma products in your recent event! In support of your breakin career, we are going to send you an additional cash bonus for your support for our Puma brand. Keep rockin!” 

Now replace the word Puma with “Dyzee Threadz” and you got the Breakin Sneaker Club!

In the “Champion Sole Incentives” program, members will have the option to receive a cash bonus or a Dyzee Threadz gift card after their win. Local, regional, national and global events have different levels of incentives, including a sponsorship opportunity for future Olympic medalists in the upcoming Paris Olympics in 2024. 

Cash bonuses go up from 50-500USD.

This may not sound a lot, but the Breakin Sneaker Club is paving the way for other sport brands to follow. Breakers deserve more respect for their loyalty to the brands they rep — and the club is doing just that. 

Check out some of the Breakin Sneaker Club breakers who took the W while rockin a pair of Dyzee Threadz!

Did I mention that club members also receive shoe discounts if someone wins? That’s right! If one person wins, we all win! 

How do I get into the Breakin Sneaker Club? 

All owners of Dyzee Threadz shoes are eligible to join the online club. Applicants are required to send a video clip of them rockin a round in the pair, and they are in! 

Simple and easy, nothing crazy. 

If you already own a pair, please contact Tristan at

Where can I purchase a pair of Dyzee Threadz? This sounds too good to be true. 

People can purchase from the Dyzee Threadz online store. Other than dope shoes, they sell hats, t-shirts, jackets and windbreakers. For a limited time only, Dyzee Threadz is offering a 10% discount on items for first time buyers! 

Input the discount code DIRTE at the checkout to receive your 10% off! 

Do you think it's worth it to join the Breakin Sneaker Club? 

I copped a pair of Dyzee Threadz before the club was even established. Not only did my breakin improve exponentially because of breakin-tailored shoes — I became a part of something bigger. 

A movement. 

A movement where like-minded breakers from around the globe support each other and share positive vibes within our breakin life. We can only get so far by ourselves. But with the right push with the right people… 

it might be the missing piece to your breakin career and success. 


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