About Dyzee Threadz

We are the Dyzee Threadz Sneaker Company, and we create sneakers made for Breakin’ (Break Dancing) for the global Breakin’ community & original Hip Hop culture, specializing in pro-Breakin’ sneakers that unlock one’s full potential, on and off the dance floor.

Our promise is the commitment we make to our supporters everyday:

To be a Bboy sneaker company that not only functionally designs the best shoes for Breakin’, but also gives back to the original hip hop culture, while truly serving the global Breakin’ community.

Our mission is to design and deliver the first functional pro-breakin’ sneakers, while serving the global Bboy culture, providing career opportunities and “Breaklife” education in our global Bboy & Bgirl community while leaving a positive impact on the generations to come.

Our vision is to be the inspirational global sneaker company that our Bboy & Bgirl culture deserves, providing oppotunities for Pro Breakers to have their own sneakers and delivering functional Breakin’ sneakers co-designed by the top Breakin’ Brands

Our products

Our sneakers are 100% fully designed for pro-Breakin,  literally designed to make you Break better and achieve better results.

Each of our core Breakin' sneakers are made with every Breakin' style and approach in mind: 

  1. Specially designed for comfortability 
  2. Soft insoles for High Impact
  3. Light weight sneakers for quick footwork and maneuverability  
  4. Thin outsoles for intricate details like Threads
  5. Soft outsoles for arm-stepping protection
  6. Non-Stick-or-slip outsoles for a medium consistent grip
  7. Brighter colorways and designs for greater visibility while dancing

Our Numbawonz V2 utilize Felt materials that make sliding on the tops and sides of the sneakers easier.

All these combined attributes are together in one sneaker will unlock a Bboys and Bgirls full potential.

Each sneaker features a dynamic graffiti inspired arrow which not only represents the dynamic movements we create, but also the graffiti arrows from the streets and Hip Hop culture where Breakin came from, while simultaneously representing the ascension of the true Hip Hop & Bboy culture from the underground to the spotlight. 

Currently the company logo is the signature & tag of the co-founder, Karl "Dyzee" Alba, an icon in the global Bboy community. 

The Dyzee Threadz Sneaker Brand is not only dedicated to making the best sneakers made for Breakin', but also dedicated to serving and giving back to the Breakin' & Hip Hop culture by fund raising campaigns, sponsorships, collaborations and Bboy business development. 

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