Vegan Numbawonz V2

Dear supporter,

Hey it's Dyzee, the brand director and cofounder of the Pro-Breakin' sneaker company.

If you are reading this, it's probably because you received an email in regards to your pre-sale order of the Vegan Numbawonz.

Firstly, I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts and "soles" for your support of the Vegan Numbawonz. We are trying our best to create sneakers for our diverse community.

I just wanted to inform you that your vegan Numbawonz have finally arrived and ready to be shipped out to you. However, the sneaker is a bit different than originally advertised.

The Vegan Numbawonz that arrived are made from premium synthetic felt fabrics as they were originally intended. Felt fabrics make it easier to slide on the floor and perform certain moves that other sneakers cannot.

Originally when I sent the sneaker concept to our product designer in Indonesia, I wrote "please us synthetic leather OR felt materials only". I was expecting felt materials, but I was surprised to have received the sample with what I believed was synthetic leather. I thought, wow, this synthetic material looks like real leather! Thus I used the sample for our presale campaign.

It was only afterwards that I found out it was actual real leather! So I quickly contacted our factory to let them know their mistake and to switch to synthetic materials no matter the cost.

When the sneakers arrived today, I saw they reverted to my original request for premium synthetic felt materials.

Vegan Numbawonz V2 Felt Materials

With that said, I wanted to inform you before sending out the sneaker and give you alternative options should this sneaker not meet your expectations.

Option A)
If this Vegan Numbawonz V2 Pro-Breakin sneaker suffices, great! We will also include a mesh cap for the trouble. And you will still be supporting a fully Vegan material Breakin' Sneaker, giving us the motivation to make all our future "Numbawonz V2" fully functional pro-breakin sneakers into fully Vegan felt materials.

Option B)
Exchange to the new summer stock release "Black on Black" Numbawonz V2 which is almost all Vegan material except for only the tongue label which is made of suede leather. This can also be shipped out immediately.

Black on Black Numbawonz V2

Option C)
We can custom make the exact same Forest Green Numbawonz just for you, however they will NOT be made of Vegan materials and will take an additional 30 to 45 days to receive.

Option D)
Store Credit for the upcoming 2021 Fall Winter Presale, beginning on July 1st. Selected models of our Numbawonz V2 will be made of all vegan materials.

Option E)
In the event that none of the above options works for you, we can issue you a full refund.

Please go back to the email notification and reply which of these options works best for you. 

Thank you for all your love and support once again!