Cyber Cypherz

Dyzee Threadz & the Breakin’ Sneaker Club presents:


An Exclusive Online Cypher contest for our Pro-Breakin’ Kicks Community Worldwide

$300 Cash Prizes + Sneaker giveaways + 20% of all sales throughout the contest!

Where? Instagram! @dyzeethreadz

When? April 1st – 30th

Who Can Join? Anyone who owns a pair of Dyzee Threadz Pro-Breakin’ Kickz

Invited Guests:

  1. To be announced


  1. Record & upload to your Instagram feed your best reply to the latest throwdown on @dyzeethreadz Instagram page.
    You will automatically be added to the private DM group with all the competitors. 
    DM Instagram group will be used for any questions, the latest throw downs, the leaderboard & updates on the bonus prize. 
  2. Tag @dyzeethreadz, plus the person you are replying to and hashtags #breakinsneakerclub #cybercypherz (with a “Z” don’t forget)
  3. Only one video post per practice session.
    (No filming multiple videos and using them for later replies)
  4. Must wear Pro-Breakin’ Kicks by Dyzee Threadz



  1. Cypher Control > How often you throwdown (post consistency) + how quickly you reply.
    • Prize $100
  2. Reply Accuracy > How well of a reply/response to the previous throwdown (Judged by Dyzee)
    • Example: move for move, style for style, concept for concept
    • Prize $100
  3. Crowd Reaction > Number of likes, views and comments on your post (engagement relevant to your number of followers)
    • Prize $100
  • Overall Winner receives 20% of total sales for the entire month of April!
    • Extra points for cypher killers (if nobody posts a reply for 24hrs after your post)
    • Overall winner may not be the winner of any of the 3 criteria.
    • Multiple criteria may be won by a single competitor.

If you have any questions, please email