Become a Brand Rep, Build the culture, earn a living

Ohhhh snap. You saw "Letz Build" and you actually clicked on it.

Congrats, your inquisitive hip hop intuition led you here and we gonna let you in on some realness.

Imagine Adidas, Puma and Nike created an amazing sneaker, designed specifically for Breakin, and they told you that for every sale you make to all your students, or that your street cred and cultural reputation has influenced the masses to support their brands, that they will give you a commission for every sale from a customer that you introduced.... wouldn't that be freakin amazing? Well that's exactly what we plan to do for our global community!

How many friends, supporters, and students have you introduced to suedes, gazelles, cortez and the popular sneakers used for Breakin? More importantly, what has these brands given back to us? NOTHING. Chump change, free gear at the most. Hip Hop and Breakin made them famous back in the days yet they never treat us the way we deserve, because they simply aren't Bboy companies, they don't need us, they don't care about us, and they probably never will. Plus, we already give to them our loyal support and hard earned money, why should they change anything? Simply, they don't care if Breakin lives or dies...  (like in the 80's and mid 2000's in Korea)

Many people know that the company cofounder Dyzee of the Supernaturalz crew has dedicated his life and career to building the Bboy community and industry.  With the crowdfunding campaign to launch the Dyzee Threadz sneaker company, Dyzee promised to build a company that would actually give back to the culture while finding ways for the Bboys and Bgirls to earn a living.

With that said, we are pleased to announce the project "Sneaker Breakers". A Breakin Sneaker movement and campaign to turn Bboys and Bgirls into not only Brand Reps and ambassadors, but also provide a supplementary career supported from our Brand. While other brands want to sponsor high profile celebrities for a limited time, we want to build lifetime partnerships with real Bboys and Bgirls who will be in this culture FOR LIFE! 

A healthy Bboy culture = a healthy Bboy Business! 

However, this offer is only available to members of our Breakin' Sneaker Club! By joining our Breakin' Sneaker Club, you not only get paid commissions for every sale from a customer you introduce, but we also teach you how to make sales, where to find customers and how to slowly turn this into part of your Bboy/Hip Hop career. As a matter of fact, you don't have to be a Bboy or Bgirl, but someone who loves the culture, OR simply loves our products.  

We are here to support you in any way, shape or form in either being self employed or starting your own business in partnership with the 1st ever Bboy sneaker company.

What does it cost to join? Only that you love our shoes, already own a pair, and can prove you are or were part of our culture? How to do that? Send us a video (or link to one) of you doing one of the four elements while wearing our kicks and you are in the club.

With that said send an email to and let's get down to business! Or if you have any questions about the benefits of joining our club, don't hesitate to ask! 

Once you qualify, we will send you directly to our Sneaker Club login page and our program will do everything for you!

if you want to know about the Breakin' Sneaker Club, click here