2021 Spring Summer Presale VIP Discount Codes

To our valued supporters: If you are reading this, you already own a pair of Dyzee Threadz. You are the ones that show love and support for our kicks. You have high hopes for positive growth in the community, industry and our Breakin' sneaker movement.

We want to show you our absolute appreciation. We are offering our VIP's the opportunity to save on our Dyzee Threadz Limited Editions, Gold label, 2021 Spring Summer Presale Collection. For just two weeks only, we are releasing eight brand new colorways for our Numbawonz and 2Stepz. Each have a different vibe and purpose, but the main quality remains the same: function over fashion.  

-Dyzee Threadz LE, 2021 Spring Summer Presale Collection


The Dyzeethreadz sneakers for 2021 Spring Summer Presales are Gold Label, Limited Editions. These unique colorways will only be sold for two weeks, then discontinued. This is your opportunity to get at least two of that perfect colorway made personally with you in mind, before it's gone forever. Or if you are one of our special group of collectors, that buy up every style, we hope to bring a smile upon your face. Please have a look at our chart below:



  • The number of times a code can be used refers to the total amount of times the code is available to be used on our system, not per person. These codes are limited.
  • These codes are only active for 2021 Spring Summer Presale items. To use the code, first select your pairs, then input the discount code at checkout. 
  • There will be no refunds or exchange, if the code has been used to make your purchase. 

If you have any further questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at any time. We are always happy to get to know each and everyone of our valued community of supporters and maintain quality relationships, in order to continuously improve our service, products and designs for the Breakin' community.



 Kind Regards, 


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