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The Numbawonz are the first sneaker release of the Dyzee Threadz Sneaker Company, which is a full utility Pro Breakin' sneaker, focusing on 100% functionality.  These sneakers are designed to make you Break better.

All of our Breakin' sneakers have the following benefits and features: 

  1. Specially designed for comfortability 
  2. Soft insoles for High Impact
  3. Light weight sneakers for quick footwork and maneuverability  
  4. Thin outsoles for intricate details like Threads
  5. Soft outsoles for arm-stepping protection
  6. Non-Stick-or-slip outsoles for a medium consistent grip
  7. Brighter colorways and designs for greater visibility while dancing

However the Numbawonz are made with mesh materials and the Numbawonz V2 utlize felt fabrics which are great for moves that require sliding on the floors on the sides and tops of your shoes. 

Please allow 10-20 days for shipping due to covid delays.

Extremely limited sizing available!!! Order now before they're gonnnneeee...

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