Collection: 2022 Spring Summer Breakout

Dyzee Threadz is back again with the 2022 Spring Summer Breakout!

For our 2022 Spring-Summer presale, we strive to provide you with brand new Break Shoe designs that will not only exponentially improve your Breakin skills — but are focused on customization to your specific dance style and approach!

But how will Break Shoes help improve my Breakin? And what can I customize?

Dyzee Threadz utilized felt and thermoplastic rubber materials to assemble the most comfortable and lightweight Breakin sneaker in our global underground niche. Traditional sports shoes aren’t only bulky, heavy, and prone to cramps, but also compromise a breaker’s full potential on the dance floor!

In terms of customization, Dyzee Threadz offers pre-sale supporters the following options:

  • Low Cut or High Tops (+$5)
  • Adding Top Caps (+$2)
  • Pro-Sole or Street Sole
  • Wide Foot (+$5)

For buyers who purchased 5+ pairs, they receive the exclusive option to add their name/logo at the back of the sneakers (+$10 each).

Dyzee Threadz offers two types of soles: Pro-Sole and Street Sole. These Breakin’ soles both have their distinctive characteristics that have their advantages — depending on your dance style.

Pro Sole

Street Sole

●       Made out of Thermoplastic Rubber

●       Made out of Hard Rubber

●       Soft, flexible, lightweight sole for a wide range of dance floors

●       Durable for street Breakin i.e. concrete

●       Adapt to different floorings with sole’s consistent grip 

●       Avoid leaving streaks on dance floor

●       Excellent for thread styles, hand transfers, intricate footwork

●       Excellent for cypher cats who want to get down anywhere


Once the Spring-Summer 2022 Breakout is over, these sneaker designs are unlikely to be produced again until further notice and have no plans to be in stock. Every sneaker is numbered according to the number of orders given — a sneaker that is exclusive to you alone. 

Let us help you create the Breakin shoe tailored for you.

With our wide diversity of colorways and customization options to select from, it is only a matter of time before you can visualize your moves into reality! Not only you will experience sneakers that are tailored to World Class Breakin’, but you are also becoming a part of a movement that will stand the test of time.  

Supporting Breakin’ brands like Dyzee Threadz not only supports businesses and individuals like you and I — but also for our Breakin' culture and community. We strive to create a sustainable ecosystem

where our Breakin’ culture can survive without major sports brands only using us during the hype.

We will continually grow and take back what is truly ours with the help of each other.

Did we mention that if you own a pair of Dyzee Threadz, you are eligible to join our Breakin’ Sneaker Club? Join our Breakin’ Sneaker Club to meet bboys and girls from across the globe and enjoy exclusive club benefits when you get down with our Breakin’ sneakers!

The Spring-Summer 2022 Presale will commence from March 17th to 31st. The pre-order takes approximately 60-90 days for customer to receive.

Our Biannual Sneaker Breakout is the time our supporters have been waiting for!

We hope to see you there!

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