The Power of Breakups in Breakin'

The Breakup

The year was 2018. I broke up with my second girlfriend at the time, which completely destroyed me from the inside out. My first Breakin' crew wasn't as active anymore, had multiple conflicts with friends and family, and the list goes on. 

But what kept me going was this little tiny voice in my head that whispered the phrase:

"Let's actually try to give some f*cks about Breakin'. Trust me." 

I had absolutely nothing to lose, so I did. 

Few months has passed and I started passing prelims more often and got invited to do an exhibition battle that changed my Breakin' life forever. 

Then I met a girl who I knew was the one I was supposed to wait for. 

The first day we became official was the first time I made to semis in a Breakin' jam (that wasn't for rookies). I just knew it was meant to be. 

3 years has passed, and she dumped me on November 2021. 

How I met Bboy Thesis

During my first ever breakup, I stumbled upon an interview article on how Thesis dealt with depression to taking the W in Silverback Open and Undisputed in 2016. That article changed my life forever. 

Every time I experienced turbulent moments in life, I would re-read that article religiously to remind myself that it ain't the end of the world. Thesis became one of my biggest life inspirations at the time, for his sheer will to keep going despite his life situation. 

Think about it.

From not being able to get up from bed, to winning SILVERBACK OPEN.

He even defeated the returning champ Victor at Top 16!

What else is there more to say?

That's just mind blowing. 

Little did I know that I would meet Thesis 2 years later.

On April 2019, I was scrolling through Instagram at around 3-4am and saw Thesis saying he has a layover at the Hong Kong airport for a day. I live minutes away from the airport, so I just randomly messaged him if he wanted to chill with my bboy homies and I to kill time. 

By my surprise, he replied back and we talked for a little bit. 

We decided to hold a last minute workshop for him at my estate's dance room.

I never hosted a workshop or any event in my life — so I was rushing to book the dance room, deal with participant's enquires and all the event management work. AND I was going to meet the dude that practically made me want to continue moving forward in life. 

This was way too surreal for me. I was so nervous and excited simultaneously. 

I was going to meet Thesis in real life. 

It was the day of workshop. I was contacting all the participants to be on time at the waiting area, and was heading to the spot to meet Thesis. Walking with my bboy homies who are also fans of him, we were all so stoked to meet the dude personally. 

Then I saw him.

Just standing right there inches away from me. 

And the first thought that came to my mind? 

"Wow, he's just a dude." 

I don't mean to sound rude, I was just surprised on how I wasn't as "star-struck" as I thought I would be. 

We all took a taxi to my estate and I was with Thesis and some of my homies in the cab. Thesis and I were just talking about our lifestyles and some random banter. Nothing too crazy, but it genuinely felt like I was just trying to get to know any other ordinary person.

We even realized that his old high school classmate was living in my estate as well!

That's when I fully understood the phrase, "It's a small world." 

The workshop he taught us was a workshop I'll never forget. He taught about how to use "connections", cypher mentalities and the importance of staying fit in Breakin'. I don't want to get into too much details. That's for you to discover if you have the chance to attend one of his workshops.

Overall, I will never forget the experience I had for meeting Thesis. This dude kept my ground during my turbulent times, and I am forever grateful for his words in that article. 

So why did after meeting Thesis, I was more inspired than ever to leave my mark in the Breakin' scene? 

Because he is just an ordinary dude

The Turning Point

Thesis is a human being just like you and I. Before he was globally known as "Bboy Thesis", he was just someone trying to make it in the scene too. So what does that say about me? 

If he can do it, why can't I? 

I'm an ordinary person too, why can't I make my name too?

If he can pick himself up during his turbulent times,

why the f*ck can't I do the same too? 

From the recent breakup I've been dealing with the last 2 months, I was relapsing on too many old and familiar vices — I kind of lost it mentally and emotionally. 

As clique as it is, 2022 is going to be a "new year new me" type vibe. I had to make huge decisions I genuinely didn't want to do, but knew I needed to do for the future me. 

If I survived a 1 year-old breakup that completely destroyed me from the inside out,

why can't I do the same with this recent one? 

If I could dance regularly, focus on fitness, pick up new hobbies, and start making my name during my previous breakup,

why can't I do that again? 

I decided to make improving my mental health a top priority this year. I have way too much personal and emotional baggage that I carried around throughout my entire life — but that is another article for the future.  

I will say it here first. I know I will leave my mark in the Breakin scene before I die. I know it so well that I tattooed my bboy name "DirtE" on myself last year. 

And if I don't?

Well, at least I could say I died trying. 

"I knew it was only up to me to turn it around and get back up. I got up everyday, searched music, worked out, practiced stacks, flow, one legged footwork and back/shoulder threads and concepts. I was becoming stronger." - Bboy Thesis, 2017

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