The Benefits of Smoking in the Breakin’ Scene


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Benefits of Smoking 

With the help of smoking cigarettes, you get to expand your Breakin’ network with other smokers around you! After every session, jam or social outing, smoking gets you to socialize with like-minded individuals filled with tons of laughs and joy at your designated smoking area. 

Tired from the cypher practice? Drink some water with your homies — and that complimentary cigarette too! Oh, the joy of having cigarettes in our lives...or is it? 

I’ve been Breakin’ and smoking for over 8 years now, and I’m no one famous. I’m just your average Joe bboy. But that’s the thing. There are thousands of average Joe breakers around the globe, who are probably in the same boat. 

If you feel that is you, keep reading. 

This article is not going to stop you from smoking, 

I just got something to say most can’t even comprehend. 

My Breakin’ Smoking Reality 

My Breakin and smoking journey started in unison, they came hand in hand. It was the “underground” stereotype that made cigarettes look acceptable, and that “cool punk kid” vibe people witnessed from Breakin’. Each cigarette grew from a stick to a pack a day in the span of 3-4 years.  

Let’s say on average you smoke 3 cigarettes per practice session, and you have 2 sessions per week. 6 cigarettes from weekly sessions, that’s not too shabby. 

But you need to add in the cigs you smoke outside of Breakin’ as well. 

I don’t think I need to do the math for you, you already know that’s a lot of chemicals going into our body. Not going to lie, cigarettes did help me expand my network. I was able to meet a wide range of people through this unhealthy medium, and I even thought at one point it was necessary to indulge this habit — for the social aspect in Breakin’. 

But the reality? 

I could’ve just networked without the use of cigs, and I just blew thousands of dollars that could have been achieved practically for free. Despite financial issues, my physical and mental health was deteriorating by the minute. Not to mention my stamina and endurance decreasing, my emotional well-being becoming more pessimistic — the list goes on. 

Here’s another reality slap

Some friends are just “smoker friends” or breakers, and nothing more

I bet if you decide to stop smoking completely, you will lose some friends who you thought were going to be your long-term pals. I hate to say that, but it’s true. 

Real friendships will not base the relationship on a substance, and if they do — that ain’t a real friendship buddy. 

Smoking Alternatives that are Completely Free

Ok so these alternatives aren’t what you thinking. 

But they still somewhat release the same chemicals as smoking cigarettes. 

Let me explain. 

Nicotine is the main chemical that smokers chase for when they light up. Nicotine releases dopamine into our brains, the chemical responsible for how we feel pleasure. 

Without being too scientific, cigarettes gives people the illusion that we need nicotine to feel happiness. But at what cost? 

There are healthier alternatives that release dopamine to our brains without the need of inhaling toxic chemicals on the daily. 

You probably heard the typical suggestions like improving your fitness, yoga, mediation… 

well they are repeatedly said for a reason. 

Even when I was a chronic smoker, I implemented fitness, yoga and meditation to my lifestyle. But it was when I took a nicotine break, I noticed the full potential of these healthier outlets. 

The process of the activity, before and after, I felt more pleasure than ever before — naturally. In the past, I would reward myself with a cig after working out or yoga — but now I just feel satisfied with the activity itself. 

It was a strange feeling. I was doing nothing foreign, yet it felt completely new. 

I felt...powerful mentally? 

It’s hard to explain because I am still struggling with my nicotine addiction. I ain’t no saint. 

Sometimes the nicotine withdrawal symptoms are too much to handle. A relapse is always right at the corner down by a convenience store. But I still try my best anyway. 

With the extra money saved from spending less on nicotine-related products, I was able to purchase items that are beneficial to my health and Breakin’ lifestyle. I purchased a pair of Dyzee Threadz shoes a few months ago, and it changed my dance lifestyle completely! Investing into the first ever shoe tailored to Breakin’ definitely elevated my dance to the next level. 

Use my code DIRTE to get 10% off your first order. 

Breakin’ is a Last Man Standing Game

Have you seen Bboy Lego lately? Bboy Intact? Or Bboy Flea Rock? 

These guys are considered “old” for their Breakin’ age, yet they are still making it in RedBull BC One qualifiers in 2021! Intact was the finalist for the RedBull BC One Ukraine Cypher in 2021, Lego as one of the competitors for the BC One USA Nationals, and Flea Rock being the talk of the night at the BC One World Finals this year! 

Intact even had energy to do one more round after the final! Now that’s a level I aspired to be at! 

So one can only ask, how did they do it? With more young guns bringing in new and raw material, how can dudes like Intact still kill it? 

I’ve listened to a podcast from The Legits, a streetwear/events/video production company tailored to Breakin’, where they interviewed Intact. They asked him questions about his dance beginnings, daily lifestyle etc. 

But there was one part he mentioned that I’ll never forget. 

He mentioned that when he was younger, he did a handful of vices. He gave the analogy that our body is like a battery, where your body’s sustainability depends on what you feed it. Maybe you won’t feel the effects now, but when you get older — it will either make or crash you. 

I respect Intact for coming out and telling his story. It was one of the main reasons I was more weary of my physical health, and to slowly put a stop in the smoking lifestyle. 

If you are interested to check the whole podcast out, click here

Maybe these dudes are making their name not only cause they are dope, but they stayed healthier to bring their style to infinity and beyond. A little cheesy but you get the point. 

Breakin’ really is a last man standing game huh? 

The Choice is Yours 

At the end of the day, the choice is yours. No one can make you do anything except with your own free will. 

But the question is: 

How far are you willing to go in this last man standing game? 

The choice is yours.

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