The 1st ever LIVE Breakin Sneaker Club Party

It's been almost 3 years since I visited the Philippines, where my Filipino-side of the family resides. With the pandemic finally cooling down, I figured this was the perfect time to visit my relatives back there for the Christmas fiestas and also meet some of the Breakin Sneaker Club (BSC) members in real-life who reside in the motherland.

But who knew I wasn't the only one thinking that. 

Dyzee also decided last minute to head to the Philippines in Dec 2022 to visit his relatives and continue his mission to promote Breakin in the Philippines on a more larger, professional, and sustainable scale. 

With Dyzee and I heading to the Philippines at the same time, the BSC decided it was time to finally all meet face-to-face and hold the first ever BSC face-to-face meet up. 


Meeting some of the BSC members in real-life was an unforgettable moment for me, especially the ones in the Philippines. Ever since I officially started Breakin 10 years ago, I've always wanted to get down with Pinoy breakers. But with the help of BSC, my Filipino Breakin dream came true that day. 

Before the event commenced, I got to finally meet the Filipino breakers from BSC. After a year of getting to know each other virtually, we were able to get down beyond our computer screens. On top of that, we were able to also get DJ Dwenz that used to be one the 1s and 2s for Freestyle Session back in the day.

Felt like an exclusive jam just for BSC if you got a DJ on that tip. 

After a few chit chats and cypher call outs, the event kickstarted with a series of mini games and ice breakers led by BSC's Vice President "Bboy Tristan" from Libreng Sakay crew for us to get into the party mood. 

It's honestly dope to see that even though most of us never met in real life yet, it felt like we established a bond that transcended beyond the virtual realm. My personal favorite ice breaker was when we had two teams had to stand in a line and the person in the back has to draw out a picture on their team member's back and it gets passed on  until the person at the start of the line has to draw out the given picture on a piece of paper. 

The teams came out with some I would say "unique results." 

The above pictures was given the words, "Dyzee Threadz Arrow." 

As you could see, it didn't work out as planned. But that's the fun of it. 

Following the ice breaker games, the event proceeded with more cyphers and foods & drinks to prepare us for the next section of the party: BSC Roulette. First introduced during BSC's 1st online Anniversary, a virtual roulette wheel spins until it stops on a category for players to dance too. Categories include dancing with one hand or even dancing with a particular emotion i.e. sad. The final stage of the game is where all players would have to utilize all the categories in one round. 

Again, we had some interesting results. 

But you had to be there to know what went down. 

The event ended with a testimonial session of what members thought of Dyzee Threadz towards their practices and battles and also Dyzee surprising all of us with free sneakers and shirts. 

What a way to end the perfect BSC party. 

And of course, there was an after party.

But what stays in the BSC afterparty, stays in the BSC party. 

Here's a recap video made by one of our BSC members, Bboy Mozayc, to give you guys a glimpse of what went down at the party. 


Dyzee Threadz is exemplary for showing the world that it's possible to create a Breakin community virtually. The crème de la crème about joining a Breakin club is that you don't need to be in the same crew to get in the club. People across the USA, the Philippines, Canada, Hong Kong, South Korea and more have joined BSC and created genuine relationships beyond the crews we rep. 

BSC has also provided various online workshops, collaboration opportunities, and even incentives if you win a jam while repping Dyzee Threadz. Honestly, it's about time for a brand to step up and take control of the Breakin industry. Major sports brands have took advantage of bboys and bgirls for decades without giving us back anything much. 

The only way to grow is if we support each other.

For the breakers, by the breakers. 

The Breakin Sneaker Club is still growing exponentially and all people need to do is purchase one pair of Dyzee Threadz to get down in the club. If only other major sports brands could do the same. Imagine where we would be now as a global scene? 

I can't imagine. But we will see what happens with BSC. 

Again, thank you BSC for making my dreams come true. And hope to see you guys again in BSC's Taiwan Tour in March 2023. 



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  • I thing the BSC Is a incredible idea.I wonder how to get the shoes from Bolivia

    Jesús Paredes

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