How BBAP Will Elevate the Breakin' Culture in the Philippines

In the 90’s, Filipino-blood Bboys and Bgirls contributed heavily to the artform of Breakin' and are considered gamechangers and legends to this day. Many expressed that Filipinos were born for Breakin’, due to the love of music, art & dance, plus coming from financial hardships integrated with the fighting spirt.

This is why more than ever, the Philippines needs BBAP to be the push needed to reach their true potential. 

What is BBAP? 

BBAP (Bboys & Bgirls Association of the Philippines) is an SEC non-profit organization founded in 2021. Their mission is to preserve, progress, promote Bboy & Bgirl culture as a dance, artform, and sport of Breakin' in the Philippines. They envision to be the national Pro-Breakin' league with a sustainable industry and global leader in their nation. 

The Philippine Breakin' scene has suffered from disorganization, non-unity, and poor infrastructure, until now. BBAP strives to unite the divided community of Street vs Commercial, Raw vs Pro, and Culture vs Business. 

With Breakin' debuting in the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympics, this is the perfect opportunity to nurture the passionate yet struggling community of the Breakin' scene in the Philippines. 

Who is Involved with BBAP? 

With a small yet passionate team, two legendary bboys stand out on the board. The Two Kuyas (Kuya meaning older brother in Tagalog) are Karl "Dyzee" Alba (President) and Ereson "Mouse" Capiton (Vice President).

“Dyzee” represents the pro-minded, business and sports-industry movement, with experience organizing global tournaments and successful Pro-Breakin’ teams, while coaching multiple national and world champion Bboys and Bgirls.

“Mouse” represents the community, education and cultural initiatives with experience running non-profit organizations. Both of these Filipino legends have brought some balance and unity, wisdom and knowledge to the Philippine Breakin’ community.

They will contribute various perspectives from their global experiences to the board which has been the uniting force in the Philippines. 

What does BBAP plan to do? 

Breakin’ For Gold, is the official title for the journey of Breakin’ to the 2024 Paris Olympics, sanctioned by the World Dance Sport Federation. BBAP seeks to utilize the Olympic opportunity to vitalize the Philippine Breakin’ scene through national qualifiers, thus preparing Filipinos to become world contenders while building towards a sustainable Philippine National Breakin’ league and future industry.

However, due to pandemic restrictions, BBAP was unable to organize live competitions or qualifiers. Other national governing bodies are already preparing their national Breakin' teams for the Olympics — leaving the Philippine Breakin' scene behind. 

If BBAP patiently waits for the pandemic restrictions to be lifted, their top contenders will not be prepared to face the rest of the global Breakin' scene. 

Through a carefully planned national qualification process, consisting of five stages, here is what BBAP aims to do to tackle this problem: 

  1. Increase the overall level of the Philippine Breakin’ community
  2. Create the Philippine National Breakin’ Team
  3. Take into consideration of covid mandates 
  4.  Develop a die-hard fanbase and infrastructure for Breakin’ as a sport in the Philippines

With "BBAP for Gold" as the official title for the Philippine Breakin’ journey to the 2024 Paris Olympics, BBAP is already in the works of creating not only world-class contenders — but also develop a sustainable Breakin' industry for generations to come in the Philippines. 

How is Dyzee Threadz involved with BBAP? 

Dyzee Threadz helped raised funds for BBAP through their Project P-Noise 2stepz presale back in June 2021. 80-90% of overall profits went directly to the funding of BBAP. Dyzee Threadz will also organize Olympic qualifiers in The Philippines as well as sponsor all the pro-Bboys and Bgirls with Dyzee Threadz sneakers. 

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