How You Could Collaborate with Dyzee Threadz

Dyzee Threadz envisions a world where Breakin becomes a self-sustaining industry for generations to come. Our founder Karl “Dyzee” Alba went from launching the first Breakin judging system to pioneering a Pro-city business model for Breakin crews to make an actual living. 

On top of these accolades, when he received the opportunity to create the first-ever Breakin sneaker company — he knew it was an offer he couldn’t refuse. Not only he was genuinely passionate about delivering world-class sneakers for the Breakin community and culture, but he also strives to provide opportunities for other Breakin brands, Bboys, and Bgirls to join in on the creation of “Break shoes.” 

Now that Dyzee has proven to the Breakin community that is possible to create sneakers that are tailored for Breakin functionality and the culture…

It’s time to share the master plan with the rest of the Breakin culture. 

So for those interested in creating or collaborating with us, the question is: 

How and Why should I go with Dyzee Threadz?


Anyone who wants to make their own shoes needs a massive investment to pay for the design of each sample molds, then invest in mold creations for all the various sizing.

Each mold size cost roughly $1000USD. So if you have size 7 to 10 only, that's already a $7000USD investment into the molds — let alone with the half sizes i.e. 7.5. However, since we already have all the molds from sizes 4 to 12, our partners don't have to pay any mold costs! (unless they want to make their own customized size)


On top of the mold costs, most factories require a minimum order of 1000 pairs! Because of our partnership with our sneaker factory in Indonesia, we are allowed to make batch orders in mini quantities! This adds to the limitedness and exclusivity of each of the designs we drop — without having too much leftovers. 


Since 2019, we have discovered how the Break Shoe business works. We also know how complicated and costly it can be in making your own customized shoes. This is why we have mapped out various methods to make almost any situation work depending on a Bboy or Bgirl's situation, reputation and budget.

Whether you just want to test it out or if you want to go hard or go home, we want to help you make that a reality. 

So far, we have collaborated and helped over 6 Breakin brands, Bboys, and Bgirls throughout the years.

Don't take our word for it, take theirs. 


Bgirl Ale: 

"When I was a little girl I told myself I would never get married. Then I got married to a B-boy and together we live a B-life. Yet 11 years deep into Breakin I never imagined Breakin would be where it is today.

Just like 11 years ago I didn't believe in love, I too never dreamed of creating a shoe, yet here I am co-creating not only a shoe but A BREAKIN SHOE with my Husband!!! With the world waking up and Breakin going to the Olympics, I think it is time we also wake up and look to the companies that are made by the Breakin culture for the Breakin culture and realize that dreams are realities and we don't have to rely on the norms of corporations.

We can be us, we can be Hip-Hop and still hold our value without selling out.

As a collaborator in designing a Breakin shoe I have realised the possibilities for our culture are endless. Dyzee Threadz has opened my eyes to the fact that if you dream it, it can happen!"

If you are interested in collaborating with us, feel free to send us a message at any of our social media pages or in the Contact Us page here at our website. 


Want to invest into shoes that will change your Breakin' career forever? Why not try dancing with the first-ever shoe specifically designed for Breakin'? 

Use my code "FIRSTTIME722" to receive 10% off your first order! We got to help each other if we want to make it in this last-man standing game. 

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