The Unspoken Mentors: Breakin’ Tutorial Makers 

In the YouTube generation in the Breakin’ scene, aspiring breakers from all around the world received their Breakin’ lessons through social media outlets. Unlike previous generations where knowledge is limited to VHS, DVDs, and word of mouth — people now have unlimited access to a library of Breakin’ knowledge through the digital age. 

But who are the ones teaching this new generation? 

Who are the online mentors who brought Breakin’ to third-world countries? 

Who are the ones who digitally changed the Breakin’ world for the better good? 

In this article, I will be discussing my personal top 5 Breakin’ tutorial makers. These tutorial makers not only influenced my Breakin’ mentality and style, but also millions of other breakers worldwide. 

1. VincaniTV 

We can not talk about Breakin tutorial makers without mentioning VincaniTV. From Sacramento, California — Bboy Vincanity started creating tutorials in 2011 and hasn’t stopped since. His “Beginner Windmills Pt. 1 | Power Move Basics” video has over 5 million views, becoming one of the top Breakin tutorials of all time! 

He has tutorials suited for all levels — beginner, intermediate and advanced. From your basic Indian step, all the way up to airflares. Besides Breakin’ tutorials, he also creates tutorials for other street dance styles, such as locking, popping, waacking — with interviews with prominent leaders in the Hip Hop scene. 

For any aspiring breaker, VincaniTV is my absolute go-to when I want to recap my basics or even expand my foundation vocabulary that I might have missed out on! 

2. AJ-47 Soul Mavericks 

AJ47 from the legendary UK crew “Soul Mavericks” started creating tutorials in 2016, and he ain’t even close to stopping! What separates him from other tutorial makers is his emphasis on creating your variations of the foundational moves — and conditioning your body. Breakin’ will always be a dance, but it is by far one of the most athletic and strenuous dance forms out there. 

AJ47 has created a plethora of conditioning exercises for freezes, footwork, and overall strength. One of my favorite videos is his “Bboy Conditioning & Strength Exercises for Beginners” tutorial. I wished I watched this video when I was a rookie, I would have excelled in my craft way faster! 

Conditioning your body is an important factor for Breakin’ and just overall longevity. I’m glad AJ47 has specialized in creating content for smart and healthy breakers. I’m sure we will see more breakers dancing till their 40s now because of him! 

3. Kaio Falcrow 

How’s your powermove game? You got the basics down? Well if you haven’t yet, Kaio has got your back! 

I’ve been watching the Italian bboy Kaio since 2015 — and he has helped me tremendously on getting the powermoves I haven’t mastered yet. His tutorials specialized in powermoves, but he also has tutorials for footwork, freezes etc. 

What I enjoy most about his tutorials are the specific exercises he provides for each powermove. If you want the babymill, you got to master the windmill and some variations. If you want airflare, master the swipe, and so forth. You get the idea. 

He emphasizes that skipping steps will only affect you in the long run, so don’t skip your basics guys. 

One of my personal favorites is his “How to FLARE - Alternative Method” tutorial. An interesting alternative on how to get flare without the traditional “standing and kicking up” way. 

A powermove tutorial maker that will get you power in no time! 

4. Coach Sambo 

Sometimes I feel that some Breakin’ tutorials are too serious. They share their knowledge and experience but have that “classroom” vibe — which gets boring at times. Coach Sambo is the total opposite of boring. The Belgian tutorial maker creates powermove tutorials with in-depth information, humorous content, and with high-quality video editing! 

On top of high-quality powermove tutorials, he provides online tutorials for aspiring Breakin’ tutors. From beginner to intermediate levels, he demonstrates how to teach a Breakin’ class to non-breakers — by being a role model, comedic, and creating connections with the class participants. 

With over 20 years of experience in the Breakin’ scene, Coach Sambo has proven to be one of the best tutorial makers out there. A definite go-to when I need some humorous content while still learning something new. 

5. Magnus Magneto 

Speaking of humorous content, let’s talk about Magnus Magneto. What I absolutely love about this Vancouver bboy is how genuine he is. You can see how the more he is himself, the better the content is! Magneto is the type of dude to make his tutorials look like bloopers, but improvises out of it to keep the film going! 

Despite his genuine funny side, his knowledge of Breakin’ is extraordinary. 

He pretty much covers everything — from toprocks, footwork, freezes, floorwork, powermoves etc. He knows how to thoroughly explain each step, with the right exercises for aspiring breakers to execute their wanted moves faster. Some of his longer tutorials even provide timestamps, so you can quickly find the specific information and exercises you need to work on! 

A good start would be his “Toprock Tutorial | 60 Variations | 2 Step Front” tutorial. How can he come up with so many variations with just one move? 

Without the age of technology, who knows where else we would get our Breakin’ knowledge? The tutorial makers mentioned above are just some of the thousands of online tutors out there. 

Without the hard work and dedication of our Breakin’ tutorial makers, where would we be now? 

Honestly, I don’t think I would even be still dancing if it weren’t for them. 

So I guess what I’m trying to say on behalf of everyone who watches their tutorials is...

thank you. 



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