B-boys Shoes vs Breakin Kicks vs Break Shoes

In the Breakin culture and community, breakers are always in search of the perfect Breakin sneaker to rock in the cypher or battles. With Breakin debuting in the upcoming Olympics held in Paris 2024, it is of utmost importance to utilize the right shoe that is tailored to the breaker’s physical capabilities. 

Here are the 3 types of Breakin sneakers that breakers usually buy for Breakin.

B-boy Shoes

I’m sure you have heard one of your Breakin friends saying, “I want to get some B-boy shoes!” But what exactly are B-boy shoes? 

In 1986, the popular rap group Run DMC came out with the song My Adidas which shocked the Hip Hop sneaker culture for generations to come. Rockin with the classic Adidas Superstar shoes, Run DMC set the standard for what people within the Hip Hop culture should represent — with the Breakin culture falling under that umbrella.

The classic Puma Suede shoe was another popular choice for breakers. The classic black and white sneaker premiered on various media platforms back in the 80s, such as the legendary 1984 film Beat Street where battles first premiere on the big screens. With Puma’s suedes thick rubber soles and flexible upper, it was no doubt one of the most suitable b-boy shoes to rock during that era. 

Pro-Keds were another popular choice of breakers during the late 70s. Crazy Legs of the Rock Steady crew and DJ Akrika Bambaataa were fans of the notorious Hip Hop sneaker at that time.

Breakin Kicks

B-boy shoes are obviously popularized by world-class rap groups and b-boys, but what about other shoe brands? That's where Breakin kicks come in. 

Breakin kicks refer to shoes that are solely used for training or jams, without any specific dance functionality. These shoes could be literally any shoe with or without a brand. Whether they are a pair of New Balance 530 or shoes bought at a cheap store — their main purpose is primarily for training and to get down. 

I'm sure we all have a pair or two of B-boy shoes and Breakin kicks... 

But what about Break shoes? 

Break Shoes

Break shoes is a new term coined by the modern Breakin era. These sneakers refer to shoes that are specifically designed for Breakin. Dyzee Threadz is the first Break shoe company that strives to deliver shoes that aren't only tailored to Breakin — but a Break shoe company that is for the Breakin community and culture. 

Dyzee Threadz sneakers provide the following: 

  • Designed for comfortability 
  • Soft insoles for heavy impact 
  • Lightweight material for maneuverability 
  • Thin outsoles to execute intricate details
  • Vibrant colorways and designs for greater visibility 
  • And many more...

Dyzee Threadz envisions a future where world-class breakers and the Breakin community will be able to execute their ideas into reality without compromising their potential through non-tailored B-boy shoes or Breakin kicks. 

Founded by B-boy Dyzee in 2020, he and his team has worked on producing and designing new shoe collections throughout the years. They continuously experiment with new materials and designs to perfect their Break shoes for the new Breakin era. 

Hopefully, Dyzee Threadz will inspire other Breakin brands and major sports brands to create Break shoes that are tailored to this dance — and give back to the Breakin community and culture. 


Want to invest into shoes that will change your Breakin' career forever? Why not try dancing with the first-ever shoe specifically designed for Breakin'? 

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