3 Underrated Breakin' IG Accounts You Should Follow Today

In our digital age, we got IG accounts like Stance and The Spin Control promoting Breakin' highlights on the daily. Without media outlets like them, we would be outdated with the latest Breakin' battles, upcoming young gunz, and more.

Massive shoutout to these guys for preserving the culture in the our digital age!

But this article is something different

I will be discussing the 3 Breakin' IG accounts I've personally found that I believe deserves WAY more shine.

This is more than just posting battle highlights, so stick around to see how these accounts aren't trying to be better, 

but different. 

1. @the.vault101 

When I first stumbled onto this account, I was absolutely astonished. This account strives to preserve the history of "movements" from not just Breakin', but all over the world. Who knew the movements we been using has been executed decades or even centuries ago?! 

The Vault makes compilations of current Bboy moves and reveals the earliest record found of the original movement. I don't believe this historian is claiming that people are intentionally biting, but more on educating the general public these movements had already been done before. 

I think Grandmaster Caz said it best. 

"Hip Hop didn't invent anything, Hip Hop reinvented everything!" - Grandmaster Caz



2. @lostartoffloats 

This particular IG account exceptionally stood out to me. This account documents dancers who indulge into the float and walk style. For those who don't know, floats are powermoves that consists of turtles, crickets, UFOs and many other variations. Walks on the other hand are a lil different.

Walks are technically still floats, but with a twist. Popularized by Bboys like Kujo in the 90s, walks is a West Coast technique that looks calm but involves vigorous strength to execute. Only a handful of people in the world are able to perform this lost art of walks. 

I just found it fascinating that this account solely focuses on this float style. Not something you see daily like someone killing the beat on a DJ Lean Rock mixtape (not that there is anything wrong with that). 

Would love to see more accounts like Lost Art of Floats, where they purely focus on a particular aspect of the Breakin' culture rather than as a whole. 



3. @thefootworktimes 

I fell in love instantly with the account's handle. It sounds like a newspaper like "The New York Times" where they report "footwork" news daily! 

As you can guess from the IG handle, this account focuses on promoting footwork videos, tutorials and even contests. They have special Bboy guests to spread their footwork knowledge like Onton from Supernaturalz, Justroc from MZK and more. 

I'm positive that they aren't the only footwork IG account, but I respect this account's hustle. They invited footwork guests to share their knowledge and encourage followers to create their personalized variations of the patterns. 

I remember they even had a footwork contest where one of the prizes is a Wu Tang Vinyl of "Enter the Wu Tang (36 Chambers)." Unfortunately, the postponed the contest due to a lack of participants, which I was bewildered by. 

It's a 36 Chambers vinyl! How can that not encourage people to join?! 



Overall, these are the 3 underrated IG accounts you should check out. I'm sure there are a plethora of other underrated Breakin' accounts I missed out. 

Maybe yours will be in my part 2? 


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