3 Funny Breakin' Podcasts That Will Make You LOL

As an aspiring learner of the Hip Hop and Breakin' culture, I'm a major devotee to podcasts. You can always grasp new knowledge from pioneers, upcoming young gunz, or just breakers in general within the global scene. 

But if I'm being completely honest, sometimes it gets a tad bit dull to hear a serious conversation on the daily. Don't get me wrong, I love diggin knowledge and discovering the origins of people's backgrounds.

But I wish there was some more entertainment within the mix. 

Fortunately, I was able to discover a handful of hilarious Breakin' podcasts that aren't just humorous, but tremendously informative too. 

Here are my personal top 3 picks that made me laugh my a** off — while still gaining insights to expand my Breakin' knowledge.  

1. It's Just Breaking Podcast 

This Toronto-based podcast is hosted by Ho Ging Ah crew, and they have absolutely no filter in their interviews. These dudes talk a lot of sh*t and that is what attracted me to their podcast in the first place. Their dialogue isn't conducted a derogatory manner — but mainly for laughs, discussions, and informative purposes. 

My most favorite episode is when they interviewed Illz from United Rivals/Ground Illusions, which was the first episode I heard from them actually. I remember one of the hosts saying something amongst the lines,

"Yo Illz, why you always wearing booty shorts in your videos?" 

I laughed so hard that I immediately subscribed and listened to almost all their episodes. And what was even more intriguing was that Illz had a valid reason on why he wore those particular shorts — which benefitted him in polishing his craft.

If you are interested to learn more about the Canadian Breakin' scene with hysterical and no-filter banter in between, I would highly recommend to listen to the "It's Just Breaking Podcast." 

It's just breakdancing bro! Chill out! (If you know, you know) 

2. The Not So Fresh Podcast 

Hosted by members of San Diego' Rock So Fresh crew and Roxrite from RedBull BC One All Stars/Squadron, these guys know how to host an interview the right way — or at least in a less monotone manner. 

Every time I listened to their episodes, it feels like I'm hanging out with them in the same room. Their interview questions are so precise and on-point, that it flows so flawlessly with the casual banter they have in between. 

They go beyond asking clique Breakin' questions and ask interviewees about their personal life too i.e. relationships, life advice. 

The podcast episode they had with Neguin and Menno is hands down my personal favorite. I was enthralled hearing how everyone was conversing so casually — like your ordinary "Let's Chill" conversations you've had with your homies. 

At the end of their episodes, they have a segment called "Roxrite Googles." Roxrite has to forcibly google an erotic fetish that one of the hosts researched beforehand — and has to read the definition out loud to the audience. 

What a bunch of savages, I love it. 

I think in the BC One All Stars episode, they made Neguin read out the definition for a change. If they ever had the chance to re-interview them, I would pay top dollar to hear Menno read out a definition. 

 3. "The Trades " With Profo Won

Hosted by Bay Area footwork legend, Profo Won from Floor Gangz — he is undeniably a veteran that deserves more shine for his hard work. Although his last episode was released in 2018, re-listening to the show's previous episodes holds a myriad of gems that helped expanded my Breakin' knowledge for our current era. 

So why did Profo Won's podcast make it to my top 3? 

His personality. 

Although I believe his podcast's purpose is to educate the Breakin' public through various interviews from OGs, legends and more — his genuine personality creates authentic conversations that always cracks me up! 

You know that friend who's laugh is funnier than the joke itself? 

That's Profo Won for ya. 

He had an interview with Abstrak from Skill Methodz, and the intro alone already made me lost my sh*it with their jokes and banter. No kidding. Don't believe me? 

Take a listen yourself. You'll be surprised on how you'll be able to get a good laugh AND be inspired with the hidden knowledge Profo Won has bestowed upon us with his interview questions. 

If you know any other funny Breakin' podcasts that I might have missed out, send me an email or hit me up on IG! I would love to discover more podcasts that could help expand our Breakin' knowledge! 



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